American Eric | Four guys who should be painting the house instead of playing hooky rock music.
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Our new ep, Heart Attack, is available now on Bandcamp and iTunes.
Make a middle-aged rocker happy.

About American Eric

Remember when music had balls? When you could blame a speeding ticket on the right tune at the wrong time? When a song could take control of your body? When you had to bang your head even just a little?

Rock is not dead. Instead, there are isolated rock colonies. American Eric is one of those outposts.

At an average age of nevermind, we have history. Some would say baggage. But we rely on our past musical influences to inform current choices. We actively look for new stuff that rocks because of, well… love. Unlike most musicians our age we haven’t surrendered. There are no mid afternoon singer-songwriter, shitty 70s cover band, jazz matinées in our future. We play loud original music in bars and pay for it the next day. Every time.

Are we too old for this? You know what? Go fuck yourself.